Orange County Kids Activities

Looking for something for the kids to do? There are tons of organized activities for children all over Orange County. Each child has different interests and abilities. It’s important for a child’s self esteem to work at and be successful at something. All of these activities offer an opportunity for kids to do something well and be proud of themselves. There are many 6-8 week introductory classes that give a child a chance to try something out. When it’s over, it’s over and they can try something different. Or if they love it, they can sign up for more. Who knows? They may find the activity that they’ll love for the rest of their lives!


Sports are a great way to get exercise and learn teamwork. Every sport you can think of is available to kids in Orange County. You can find introductory classes for the youngest kids, and programs to prepare kids for high school sports or to help them improve in their chosen sport.


Kids can sign up for classes in any topic that interests them. Do you have a child who likes to get his or her hands dirty? Sign them up for a messy science or cooking class! What about someone who is interested in chess or learning a foreign language? Somewhere nearby, there’s a class for kids in that subject.